Inspired by the typical mall ideas from the E.Leclerc in France

With a waving white façade, the E.Leclerc - a shopping mall has attracted attention of residents and customers in France. The shop was designed by the Atelier REC with the combination with wooden tones for a soothing exterior.

The designers wanted to change the idea of the typical mall where waste predominates with an alternative architecture focusing on the environmental qualities so that the whole project would be more economical in its use of energy while also providing a calm and comfortable tone that corresponds to contemporary standards.
 The building has a low consumption and is created with low impact CO2 materials. The white wave outdoors provides a 30% reduction of the energy needed and the division into four separate volumes reduces the greenhouse effect to act as a model for future developments of this kind.
The style of the mall is inspired from the Arcachonnaise style of the region but with contemporary features that would suit the shopping center of the 21st century.

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