Outside space on the terrace of a building

When living in high rise building , there is a issue that we are lack of light and sunshine. The Photon Space is a modular construction designed to address and deal with this problem based on the research of Russell Foster from the Oxford University.

The project uses nano-technology and glass walls with multiple layers to create a completely transparent home that can redirect the solar energy in a manner similar to that of the greenhouses. The issue of privacy was of course considered and the walls become opaque with a simple click.
The footprint of the prototype has only 45 square meters and is comprised of a double bedroom and a living room with integrated bathroom and kitchen. The triple glazing of the glass panels ensures a control of the interior heat and it also provides a noise reduction. The glass skin is intelligent so its opacity is adapts to the sleeping environments, treatment of stress, anxiety, energy maintenance and even libido health of the inhabitants for optimal conditions.

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