Luxury Bathroom Design: What The Pros Won’t Tell You

Your bathroom should be your retreat from the world. It should be the place that you go after a long and stressful day. If your bathroom isn’t a space that’s calm and tranquil, then there’s a problem. If your bathroom just isn’t as beautiful as it used to be and has started to look a little rough around the edges, it’s time to take action.

When it comes to home design, a lot of us struggle, simply because we don’t know the best ways to go about. There’s so much conflicting advice when it comes to interior design that it can be hard to know the best way to go about updating your bathroom. Even more so if you’ve got a certain style in mind, such as a luxury design, for instance.

Because of this, a lot of people opt to hire an interior designer when it comes to doing up their bathroom. However, if you don’t want an extra cost to deal with, it’s best to go DIY. To help you create a bathroom as beautiful as one, an interior designer would create, below are a list of tips and tricks. These are all things that the pros swear by but would never tell you.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules

We’ve all heard the various rules of decorating. There are so many things that you should and shouldn’t do. Look at the work of any interior designer, and you’ll see that they constantly break the rules. The truth is that when it comes to creating a beautiful space that you love, the rules of design are there to be broken. Don’t be afraid to get creative; sometimes the best work comes from a random act of creativity.

Work with neutrals and add touches of colour

For a luxurious space, we’re always told to stick to neutrals. However, while neutrals can create a fantastically calm and tranquil space, they can also be a little boring. To jazz up your bathroom and make it a more ‘fun’ space, incorporate splashes of colour. These don’t have to be anything too bright and bold, just small touches here and there. The best way to subtly add colour is, of course, via accessories. Think rugs, towels, wall art, soap dispensers, and other cute, little bits and bobs.

Make the features the focal points

What interior designers have told us is that every room needs a focal point. What they haven’t let on, however, is that furniture or features like a bathtub can make the best focal points. Things like claw-footed bathtubs, for example, can make fantastic focal points. You can pick up a lot of stylish designs for low prices on second-hand selling sites, so make sure to check these out. Or, how about using a beautiful double sink vanity as your bathroom focal point? There’s a variety of double sink vanities online to choose from, should you opt to go down this route. Pick features that you love and use them as focal points for the room - the effect will be amazing.

Get creative with wallpaper

Last but not least, consider getting creative will wallpaper. Wallpaper isn’t just for covering every wall in; it has plenty of other uses too. How about wallpapering your ceiling, for instance? The ceiling often gets forgotten about, but it can be easily spiced up with a cute roll of wallpaper. Or what about adding an accent wall using a wallpaper design that you love? There are so many ways that you can get creative with wallpaper; it’s not just an alternative to paint. Look at the work of any professional designer, and you’ll see what we mean.

The above advice should give you everything that you need to start planning your bathroom update. Of course, before you get started it’s wise to get some inspiration. The more inspiration and ideas you can get, the better.

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