Bright interior with rich colors and a modern look from the new offices of Playtech

 Designed by the SOESTHETIC Group, the new offices of Playtech, an online gaming software company in the Gulliver business center of Kiev, Ukraine have a panoramic view of the whole building’s perimeter and a very bright interior with rich colors and a modern look.

The designers made the different areas transparent and comfortable with the concrete ceiling slabs left open for a maximization of the ceiling height. The public areas such as the reception, coffee points, relaxation and activity zones were the main spaces where the attention of the designers was set.
The reception combines a roast metal desk with a perforated pattern and lighting hidden behind it to bring a pattern on the nearby floor and the main attraction in the activity area is the Game Box which is made of MDF and black tempered glass. There are screens for play stations behind the glass and an LED profile reflecting on the glass profile for a virtual world-like experience.

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