Admired the architecture of the Sand Point Residence in Italy

Located on Long Island, New York, The Sands Point Residence was designed by the practice of Narofsky Architecture as a large contemporary home with a complex geometry that will be able to bring together three generations. From the outside into inside, this house gives us the feeling of luxury, spacy and creation. The porcelain panel is the predominant material on the façade as well as indoors (Slimtech by Lea Ceramiche from Italy) and they were mounted on vertical furring strips to protect from rain. The entrance and surfaces around the courtyard were clad in zinc, while the roof is green and able to be used as an outdoor terrace.
The living area is the core of the structure with a double height and extending to the indoor courtyard. The entrance, lounge and dining are integrated into a single space with glazed areas so that the outdoors area always visible. The sustainable elements include geothermal heating and cooling, LED illumination, water reuse, insulation, steel frames, durable materials and radiant heat.

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