5 Ways to Rock Your Home Office

Designing a home office is exciting for anyone considering a remote workspace. In fact, working from home is gaining in popularity. So, it makes sense to have a comfortable space to call your own.

Before you start shopping, consider your budget and what your basic needs are. There’s no reason to overspend on office furniture or accessories if they aren’t necessary. You can often find or create the perfect office decor on your own. The added benefit is DIY decor often costs little or no money at all. 

Weigh Your Wants and Needs

The things you will need in your office space will differ from person to person. Consider the line of work you do.

Are you a customer service representative or virtual assistant? If so, you may need a dedicated phone line and a noise-cancelling headset. Are you a graphic designer, engineer, or artist? You may need a project station in that case.

Your home office furniture and decor should make a statement about you and your role. Yet, almost everyone needs a few of the same basic necessities to start with.

● Desk and chair
● Shelves and file cabinet
● Lighting
● Electronics
● Rugs
● Meeting or consulting space

Let your line of work help you determine your specific home office needs. Deciding on what you must have to begin with and what can wait will help you stick to your budget.

Know Where to Find Deals

Deals are everywhere. You can find them at yard sales, online auction websites, local nooks, or second-hand stores. Finding the furniture and decor that you need for the right price is easy once you know where to look.

What if you want professional furniture without the hefty price tag? You can find that too! Some businesses resell used professional office furniture. The Facility Services Group office furniture is a great example of how this recycling process works as the ultimate goal is, “Out of the landfill and into the office of another end user.”

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s not hard to find it at bargain-prices. Why buy brand new if you don’t have to?

Reduce Potential Distractions

If there is one thing that you’ll find anywhere, even in a home office, it’s distractions. Distractions are everywhere. Working from home means finding creative ways to reduce daily distractions.

Remember, everything not work-related is off-limits until the work day is over. But, with practice, working from home can prove effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Light It Up

Lamps and windows are perfect for lighting up your office. Finding the right lamp for your lighting needs is vital. One idea is to have a lamp with a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the amount of light you need. A sunny room with a small lamp is another possibility.

Don’t Forget Ergonomics

Before you complete your home office, don’t forget to consider home office ergonomics. They can make or break your work from home experience. Ergonomics can make a difference in your productivity as well as your health. If there is one thing about your home office you should never neglect, ergonomics would hit the spot.

Setting up a home office is easy once you know all the basics. The office of today looks a lot different from the cubicles of yesterday. If your employer is flexible, a home office can provide the extra incentive that you need to work your best.

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