Tips on Making Your Home Unique

With everyone shopping at the same few multinational furniture shops (mentioning no names but one is big, blue and Swedish!), it can be difficult to make your home look different to everyone else’s. However, it is important that our living spaces reflect our personality, they should be a celebration of our creativity and our family’s lives together. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can express yourself through your interior decoration. Here are a few tips.


Upcycling allows you to give seemingly obsolete objects a new lease of life. You could refurbish the object to bring it back to it’s original use or reinvent it as something completely different. Go along to a charity shop or look out for cast-off furniture elsewhere and save money while flexing your artistic muscle. If you are looking for some inspiration, there are some great upcycling ideas on Pinterest.

Visit Sales Rooms

Sales rooms auctioning second hand and antique furniture can be gold mines for furniture and other objects which will give your home quirky and period personality. It is possible to pick up some real bargains at such auctions as well as unusual items you will not find anywhere else. You may also find great items which can be upcycled.

Personal Pictures

Adorning your walls with pictures from your holidays, special occasions and other family memories is another fantastic way to ensure your home has the look of your own. If you only own blurry holiday snaps or pictures of you and your partner on a drunken night out, you may want to pay a visit to Venture Photography to get a professional picture done. For added personality use a mixture of frame styles on walls to give it a quirky look.

Unique Wallpaper

Another way to use your favourite pictures is to get special wallpaper prints from websites such as Bags of Love. It is possible to create all kind of great wall paper with pages from books, magazines or other images which you just need to neatly paste to the wall and then cover in paste. For other unique wallpaper ideas, see this selection on Houzz.

Bring the Outdoors In

Adding lots of plants to your home will set it apart from others’. Buying unusual plants and feature pieces such as terraria and air plants will especially give a home a unique quality. Air plants come with the added advantage of being very, very easy to look after so if you are prone to killing any plants you come into contact with, air plants are perfect for your decidedly un-green fingers.

Art Work

Buying original artwork does not necessarily have to cost a fortune. Local print fairs, websites such as Deviant art and even some galleries and art shops all attempt to make art available to the masses. Follow your own tastes and buy pieces which fit in with your décor to make your home a culture vulture’s paradise!

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