The gorgeous Dune Villa in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Called the Dune Villa, this gorgeous relaxing heaven is known as one of the most imposing works of the architectural team at HILBERINKBOSCH Architects.
/>Eye-catching and glamorous, the Dune Villa attracts many guests thanks to its “dense vegetation towards the street, a large open space at the front and an open pine forest at the back of the plot”. The villa presents an imposing complex of many different volumes which are all inviting and glorious.

Aiming at offering guests magnificent views towards the forest, the architects placed the main areas of the home such as the living room, kitchen, office, master bedroom, roof terrace and library in the first floor.

Meanwhile, the guestrooms and an outdoor pool occupy the dune and the ground level of the courtyard. The pool is enclosed on three sides with generous glass sliding doors.

[Photography by René de Wit]

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